Indoor or outdoor football

Since football is one of the most popular spots in the world it is also getting popular in countries were you can’t play on the field 365 days a year. Now you probably think why is it not possible to play on the football field? Well about half of the world’s countries experience season changing such as winter, summer, fall and spring. But in these countries snowfall, excessive rainfall can prohibit athletes, thus football players from playing soccer outside.

magista indoor football

Indoor and outdoor football

For these young spirits that want to play football all year round Nike developed the indoor soccer shoe. This shoe is designed to play on an indoor polymer floor and gives you extra grip and traction for making sudden a swift moves. These swift and sudden moves are important because indoor football is played on a much smaller field. So agility is definitely not overrated. The Nike Magista Onda Indoor Volt Metallic Gold is the latest versions of Nike indoor football boots. For the outdoor version you can check the homepage.

magista proffesional football

Outdoor turf or firm ground (FG)

Since Nike released the new Nike Magista some considerations have to be made before buying one. First of all are you always playing on a well-prepared outdoor field? If yes then you should go for the Nike Magista Obra FG Volt Metallic Gold or the lower model Nike Magista Opus FG Volt Metallic Gold. The FG stands for firm ground. Both are used by professional players on professional fields, so take this in consideration.

magista artificial grass football

Artificial grass turf or AG

If you are playing on an artificial grass turf, then you should consider buying the Nike Magista Opus AG Volt Metallic Gold or Nike Magista Orden FG Volt Metallic Gold. The AG stands for artificial grass and the FG for firm ground. On the look for a cheaper version of the outdoor soccer cleats then the Nike Magista Onda FG Volt Metallic Gold is probably what you are searching for. This version also comes for artificial grass turfs when you see AG in the name.

magista kids football

Soccer’s cleats for kids

For kids you can consider the Onda FG kids Volt Metallic Gold for outdoor playing on grass turfs. If your kid plays indoor football it is better to buy the Nike Magista Onda Turf Volt Metallic Gold. For outdoor football you will need the Onda FG kids.