A brief history in Nike’s football empire

Mercurial Vapor 1998

The brief history of the football boots of Nike comes to live as the company is founded in 1960-1969. The first focus of Nike, which was called Blue Ribbon Sports at that moment, were track running shoes. These track running shoes attempted to increase the friction of the runner and give him more track which resulted in faster lap times. After a few years dominating the market for running shoes Nike decided to jump into different sports such as basketball and tennis. The Nike AIR technology contributed to the success of Nike as it still does today.

Nike Mercurial Superfly

The beginning of a football empire

Since the mid 1990s Nike started to promote its football department and investing in the development of football shoes. It signed its first sponsor contract in 1994 with the World Cup winning Brazilian football team. It started to design football uniforms and shoes.Nike started to develop football boots in different sizes, colors and to improve traction, rotation and movement ability. One of the first official football boots of Nike is the Nike Premier. This series looks still vintage today and is one of the most wearied boots in the world.

Nike Magista original dark

Since then the release of the Mercurial line followed quickly in 1998. The famous football star Ronaldo in the Brazilian national team promoted this line. The follow up was the Mecurial Vapor which was promoted as the lightest boots in the market. The Mercurial Vapor line got many follow up improved football boots and is as today still one of the most reliably football shoes of Nike.

Nike Magista on the field

Next to the Mercurial line Nike developed the Tiempo, Hypervenoms and CTR360. All these shoes where overshadowed of the success of the Mercurial. But now there is a new player in town. And this one will blow the Mercurial away since it is better in any asset. This world shocking football shoe is the Nike Magista! The football boots are released in March 2014 but officially promoted on the World Cup of Brazil in 2014. You see every player that is sponsored by Nike using the Football boots. Nike has done a good job, again, with the Nike Magista.

As of today Nike will probably release many more football shoes, cleats or boots as they call them. The soccer and football industry will keep developing to get the ultimate performance out of every aspect of the athletics gear. Uniforms that fit like skin and are aerodynamic combined with super performing shoes are going to be the future.